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2002-2014 results
123626 Beneficiaries of AAT services.(Prevention, health, administration, life skill training, sexual education at school....)
3794 Beneficiaries of special protection systems.(Security issues and accomodation)
1578 Victims rescued from international and national trafficking, safely repatriated at home.
3242 persones safely reintegrated into their communities, with a job, a micro-credit or go back to school.
172 Victims supported during criminal justice proceedings permitting to sentence traffickers.
1267 State officials and social workers follows AAT trainings
94 Models of hand books, manuals, DVDs & training curricula for social workers working with victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking
5 research on Vietnamese migration published
3 New laws, regulations and M.o.U. on migration and human trafficking supported through AAT field experience.
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